HK Lannuo International Inspection CO.,LTD.
Company Profile
Hong kong lannuo international inspection service co., LTD., which was a professionally third part inspection company for export goods, established in 2011.the company’s headquarters located in Hong kong and has a affiliate inspect factory in Shenzhen. The main scope of service we could offer as following: third part inspection...
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Address: Shenzhen City Longhua New District Mission Hills Road No. 111 Fujia business building 15 building room 1501
Improving Your Efficiency
A One-Stop Service
Fast Response
1:7*24 hour quick response
2:Professional foreign language docking window, without the need to quickly communicate with customers with the help of translation
Service Range
1:Domestic provinces have set up the offices, can quickly accept and arrange customer demand
2:Liuzhou agency, Nanchang office, Xiamen Office, office in Hangzhou, Yangzhou office, the office of Hefei, Wuhan Office, office in Changsha, Zhengzhou office, Shijiazhuang office, office of Tianjin, Dalian office.
The service of high efficiency
1:Good client relationship
2:Experienced operation team
Service quality is good
1: Inspection workshop (using Japanese control of strict quality control)
2: The same day, the day of the feedback, to help customers maximize the understanding of the quality of the situation
Service Process
Order Taking
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